Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Milan Furniture Fair 2009

the "Dream Rooms" exhibit at the Triannale Design Museum Milan (link here)

at Moroso

gardens in Zona Tortona
Emert Schafer
new at Droog (kevin for scale)

at Moroso

the fairgrounds (almost 1 mile long!)
grey day at the fair

I have mixed feelings after seeing the Salone del Mobile in Milan last week.  Just the sheer scale of it is impressive, but also totally terrifying.  There is so much stuff, so many things, so many objects that are being created, and I'm not sure what most of it achieves.  The city was taken over by the fair.  There were a couple hundred independent events taking place around the city in addition to the actual show at a convention center.  My favorite places were the Zona Tortona, an area about 10x6 city blocks, and the Salone Satellite which is inside the main show.  Both places focused on young designers and student work, which was always the most interesting and innovative.  Somehow it didn't occur to me to write down the names of the designers that I liked, but I took lots of pictures!  Here's a list of designers that I liked, from what I can remember.

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  1. I'm mad jealous of rome - it looks so beautiful! There is a massive design store/mall here called Buenos Aires Design (the argentines loves to use da english) and I wandered through it and thought the exact same thing - some inspiring things, a lot of scary shit that did not need to be produced.