Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the bee hive

There's been a very different feeling to the school during the past two or three weeks due to final exams.  It seems to have finally come alive in a frantic sort of way.  Last saturday there were people in the print center at 11pm!  Imagine that!  Also, the hallways (and now dumpsters) have filled up with models, prototypes, and final products so I get to see some of the work that goes on in different departments.  It's all quite exciting, actually.  I only wish that I had poked around more earlier on in the semester because it's inspiring seeing what other people are creating around you.  Sometimes it feels a bit isolated here because the studios are all seperated and until recently, there weren't too many people in them.  Anway, here's a sample of some stuff I happened upon in the hallway of the furniture building.

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