Monday, June 1, 2009


So, one thing that I think the Danes could improve on is their produce packaging, not that the US is any better.  There are stores that sell produce in big bins with optional plastic bags, but then in some stores (ahem, Netto) just 8 Roma tomatos come on a styrofoam tray with plastic wrap and big sticker labels.  Seems a bit unnesessary.  I bought some kiwis yesterday and they came in a big plastic tub with some plastic netting around it.  Same with nectarines.  The netting seemed so cheerful and maybe useful, so I played around with it for a bit then made these hanging containers and a letter holder from the box.  Works for me!  And it seems like if you collected a lot of that netting you could make a cool patchwork system or even a textile.

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