Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new home

the sqaure down the street

I live on the other side of this block

my building is on the right

my bedroom

I moved into my new apartment almost three days ago, but this afternoon was the first time I've seen it in the daylight.  I'm staying on the third (really the fourth) floor of a brick building built in 1909.  My landlords Mia and Anders are really cool people.  They're a couple in their mid 30s, she's an architect and he's an airplane mechanic.  They're so friendly and outgoing, I alreday feel totally comfortable here.  My rooms are towards the back of the apartment, which is huge.  I have a bedroom and room with a desk and shelves, which are in their own back hallway off of the kitchen.  My windows look into the middle of the block which overlooks a courtyard space (no grass, though).  It's a great place to come home to! And it's right around the corner from Nyhanv (it means new harbor in Danish), which is probably one of the most beautiful sights in the city.

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  1. i havent read anything yet but YOUR NEST IS SOOOOO COZY CUTE! Post card coming soon...