Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blue Sky!


  I went to Malmö, Sweden on Saturday  and it was awesome.   A bit more friendly and bubbly than Copenhagen, though less English-friendly.  I knew I wanted to go to the design museum, but other than that I just picked up a map when I arrived and wandered around.  The train ride from Copenhagen is only 35 minutes each way and I got to see a little bit of Denmark outside of the city.  The ride over the Øresund Bridge is also really cool.  You can see row after row of wind turbines in the middle of the Baltic Sea.  I went to the design museum, the Malmöhus (castle), had lunch at a café, visited the oldest building in the city, a church from the early 1300s, and went in lots of shops to get out of the cold (it was about 27⁰F).  Every couple of blocks there was an open square with sculptures or a fountain.  I definitely want to go back!

And, the most exciting part was that I saw blue sky for the first time in a week!


  1. Pretty! I hope you didn't get attacked by those geese. Looks like a close call.

  2. That dog poster is so cool! Glad you saw the sun!